Shipping Container Void Lounge

This project was whipped together for an experimental event in the desolate infrastructural spaces of Treasure Island. The goal was to rapidly create a warm, cozy space sited in a harsh, austere infrastructural context. There was a peculiar pleasure in so cozily occupying such a harsh and hardened terrain, with the corrugated textures and dark silhouettes of the steel containers producing a sense of dismal surrounding that the warm lights, fur rugs and leafy foliage of our installation seemed to hold in abeyance. This was one of the earliest instances in which we experimented with the concept of situated postmodernism—a term that refers to the siting of affective enclaves that intentionally interact with the detritus and flows of late capitalism. By so situating enclaves within the infrastructural terrains of late capitalism, these kinds of projects create a comfort that is affectively impacted by its position within larger (often deleterious) processes.